Day 1. United Nations General Assembly in New York

Sunday, September 17th

Crown Princess Mary has been a busy lady the last few months and now she is visiting New York from September 17-19th on occasion os the United Nations General Assembly or just UNGA. The Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen is also in New York on the same occasions. The two of them met when visiting the Melting Pot Foundation created by the Danish chef Claus Meyer, whom the Crown Princess has met with a few years ago, here. The Melting Pot Foundation has just opened a new cook school for socially vulnerable youngsters in Brownsville -the one the Crown Princess visited along with Lars Løkke Rasmussen. During her visit, she took plenty of time talking with the young people participating, the staff as well as representatives from the local community. She was even served a fine dinner made by the students of the cookery school. Her visit was followed by a guided tour around the facilities of the Brownsville Community Culinary Center in Brooklyn. In the evening she was invited as guest of honor for dinner at the Danish UN-ambassador. From this event I haven't seen a single picture. Have you?

Not sure what to expect of her for this visit in New York, but I am a bit surprise to see such lack of colours. She was only dressed in black and white. Wish she would have worn just one colourful accessory or so. Mary embrace a chic and very polished outfit by wearing her reused white Hugo Boss peplum featuring black leather details. She matched it with well-fitted black trousers and her cap-toe pumps from Gianvito Rossi first worn in 2016 when she attended the presentation of Hans Christian Andersen's Literature Award, here. We have seen her wear them at other occasions afterwards before visiting New York on Sunday. Once again she embrace the style with that two golden necklaces from Orit Elhanati and Dulong Fine Jewelry -the same designer of the white pearl bracelets. I also see another, rather small, bracelet and of course that big white pearl earrings. I have the idea that both could be from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, but that is not something I can say for sure. Let me know what you think. Then a friend of mine made me aware of the fact that Mary was also carrying a new white clutch. She suggested a similar model from Mark Cross. With this one, I'm also not sure. I see great similarities between the two, but I can't tell for sure yet.

When writing this post, something came to my mind -something I haven't mentioned at all. Her hair. Couple of months back, think it was around the time when the Crown Prince couple stayed at Gråsten, she showed up with a new haircut. Quite a few inches had been cut of and I haven't mentioned it with a single word. That's really not all right. I was a bit surprised back then but I loved it right away. I even love it more and more every time I see her. Makes her look fresh and young.

Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Necklace
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry Anello Pearl Bracelet
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Cap Toe 100 Patent Pumps

Ideas for identification
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Shooting Starts Pendant
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Magic Circus Bracelet
Clutch: Mark Cross Leather Envelope Clutch

Inauguration of the Hempel College

Wednesday, September 13th

The Crown Princess visited Lyngby to attend the inauguration of 200 new students housing residents, also called the Hempel College. These new students residents are for both Danish students and exchange students. The Crown Princess was in a great mood, despite the rain, when she first arrived to Lyngby Campus where she was warmly welcomed. She was, among others, welcomed by Rector of DTU Anders O. Bjarklev and Chairman of the Hempel Foundation Richard Sand, who both gladly offered the Crown Princess a spot under their umbrella. The rain just seemed to make her laugh. After the arrival several speeches were given and the Crown Princess listened with great interest. As part of the official opening, she released no less than 200 green balloons followed by a guided tour around the new facilities. Seems like everyone were having a great time. 

Often when it's rainy and/or windy, she has bare legs and is wearing no jacket. For that I admire her even more. So that really what I expected to when Mary attended the inauguration, but I was wrong. Instead she had chosen black tight trousers, a (new?) creamy white blouse featuring some pretty amazing details and... a brand new checkered coat. First, lets talk about the blouse. Have we seen it before? -I don't believe we have. The style seems familiar to me but still I haven't been able to identify where it is from. Any ideas? For sure the checkered coat is the piece that caught everybody's attention. I learned from royalty_wardrobe that it's from the Danish designer Baum und Pferdgarten. A really classy 80s inspired double breasted "blazer-coat". Mary embraced the style by wearing golden earrings and a necklace from Dulong Fine Jewelry and her golden one from Orit Elhanati -a combination she has worn a lot late. A combo I really enjoy. She matched all of this with her black pointed from SAND Copenhagen.

Coat: Baum und Pferdgarten Damara
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Necklace
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

The 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe

Monday, September 11th

It is as patron for WHO Regional Office for Europe that the Crown Princess visited Budapest on occasion of the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe. As guest of honor she was warmly welcomed with handshakes, smiles and a large bouquet of flowers handed over both a flower girl and boy. The Crown Princess was just one of many prominent guests attending the meeting. Members from all 53 member states in WHO European Region participated along with ministers of health, collaborators and other stakeholders. Also the Director General of WHO Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus attended and briefly met with the Danish representative. The Crown Princess also gave a speech during the day, here. Eloquent as always. Later in the afternoon she met with the Hungarian President wife Ms. Anita Herczegh at Sándor Palac

Meeting-time in Budapest takes a sophisticated and polished look and that is exactly what Mary was wearing with great pride. Heaven is the one to tell me that her new three-colour dress is from Prada. I kinda guessed it because, well it is everything a Prada dress needs. Do you like it? But the dress is not the only thing she wore from that designer, during her day in Budapest. Also the reused black jacket is from Prada and I'm 99.9% sure the handbag is also one of their creations. Don't know if you noticed the little rectangular pink brooch on her chest? -well, I did. I have no idea where it could be from (at least not yet), but I know for sure it's new. Other than a brooch, she was also wearing several other spectacular jewellery from both Dulong Fine Jewelry, Cartier, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and her golden Orit Elhanati necklace. Love how she sparkled with a little pink. Looks all very elegant and stylish. When it come to her shoes then I'm pretty sure she' wearing a pair of black pointed pumps from SAND Copenhagen, worn at several different occasions. Anything you would wear?

Jacket: Prada
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Necklace
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelets: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring

Ideas for identification
Bag: Prada
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

10 years with the Mary Foundation

Wednesday, September 6th

A new foundation was established ten years ago on September 11 2007 -of course I talk about the Mary Foundation. The idea goes way back, but became a reality for the Crown Princess three years after her wedding with the Crown Prince of Denmark. Now, ten years have pasted by and it is time to celebrate the foundation's 10th anniversary. This was done with a prestigious dinner at Christian VIIs palace, Amalienborg. Among others, board members and people from the secretary were invited to attend the dinner taking place in a royal atmosphere. Chairwoman Crown Princess Mary arrived in a great spirit accompanied by her husband, Crown Prince Frederik. The Danish royal couple acted as hosts. The Crown Princess held a warm and sincere welcoming speech where she thanked for people's support and trust over the years. Board member Michael Halbye took his chance and thanked the Crown Princess for her great effort and commitment to help people. He also made it clear that he think the Crown Princess is great source of inspiration for her surroundings. Eloquent as the Crown Princess herself. I also want to congratulate the Crown Princess, the Mary Foundation and everyone involved with this anniversary.

A special occasions, take a very special dress. When attending the 10th anniversary dinner for the Mary Foundation, Mary was dressed in a brand new black and white evening gown. And I just have to say "wauw!". What a dress. At first I didn't even recognize her because of the dress and hairstyle. Tell me your first thoughts. I am simply amazed with everything about this new gown -colour, fabric, silhouette. Everything little detail is exquisite. Makes her look her very best. I learned about its identify from Heaven. She got a confirmation from the designer, who also posted pictures with caption on his Facebook. Mary's evening gown is from Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagenhere. He is also the creator of her beautiful New Year gown, here. According to the Facebook post, her gown is made of Mikado silk -a luxurious type of silk that makes a great choice for dresses that needs some structure, this is possible because Mikado silk has a heavier weight. Mary dazzled wearing a reused Georg Jensen necklace featuring a aquamarine blue drop pendant and matching earrings from the same designer and collection. The earrings we see for the first time. She also wore her golden Cartier and Dulong Fine Jewelry bracelets along with a couple of other, unidentified bracelets. Embracing a classy and elegant style, Mary wore a black clutch, possible black pumps and a reused gold leaf hairpiece. Can't hide what I feel about this outfit -she looks gorgeous next to her husband, who was in a stylish black and white tuxedo.

Gown: Lasse Spangenberg Copenhagen
Earrings: Georg Jensen Dew Drop Earrings
Necklace: Georg Jensen Runa Necklace
Pendant: Georg Jensen Dew Drop Pendant
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Bracelets: Dulong Fine Jewelry Esme Bracelet

Flag day 2017

Tuesday, September 5th

Both Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary were very emotional when attending activities on occasion of Flag Day 2017 -an annual event held for the ninth time, honoring Danish deployed soldiers. Early in the morning the Crown Prince couple visited Kartellet in Copenhagen to place a wreath in honor of soldiers who were lost in battle; one way or another. The wreath placed at Kartellet featured the Crown Prince couple´s monogram. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess also attended a memorial service in Holmens church in Copenhagen. Both of them were moved by the atmosphere in the church along with everyone else attending the service. The service was followed by a parade at Thorvaldsens square next to Christiansborg castle in Copenhagen. Also Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended activities during the day on occasion of the Flag Day. Both couple's attended the parade at Thorvaldens sqaure. Actually it is the first time both Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie are present at the parade in each others company. A memorable day, full with mixed emotions. 

It is not the first time the Crown Prince couple attend activities on occasion of the Flag Day. Each time Mary has been beautifully and appropriately dressed for the occasion. This year she honored the Danish soldiers wearing her reused white Hugo Boss dress and Prada coat in black. Both dress and coat have been worn several times before, here, here. She embrace a sophisticated style by wearing wide-brimmed straw hat from Susanne Juul, Hartmann's diamond earrings and her golden twisted Orit Elhanati necklace. Both suede gloves, beige Hugo Boss clutch and pointed pumps matched the rest of her outfit when attending Flag Day in Copenhagen. She also wore a very beautiful brooch on the left side of her chest. Immediately I started thinking about the possibility if Mary has worn it before. Right away I came across a visit at the Children's Aid Foundation on January 26 2007, here. Mary was wearing a pair of new pumps in a beige/blush colour. At first Gianvito Rossi was suggested as the designer, but I was not quite sure about this. Then Pura Lopez (SS2015) came to my mind and when Kate suggested the same, I had to do something. By request it has been confirmed that her pumps are from Pura Lopez. I think Mary's outfit is a very nobel way of honoring the Danish soldiers.

Coat: Prada
Hat: Susanne Juul Straw Hat (no. 37)
Earrings: Hartmann's
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Clutch: Hugo Boss Soada Suede Clutch
Shoes: Pura Lopez Fatima Pointed Pumps